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Billionaire Boys Club

After super-producer Pharrell Williams spent years learning from BAPE founder NIGO, the two went into business together and created Billionaire Boys Club. Pharrell’s obsession with outer space manifested into the brand’s logo, the head of an astronaut. The BBC logo made its first appearance in the video for Pharrell’s 2003 single “Frontin”. Pharrell’s massive popularity at the time fueled the brand's success. One of the most popular pieces of BBC clothing is the Anniversary collaboration tee it did with BAPE to celebrate BBC’s 10th anniversary and BAPE’s 20th.

Who created Billionaire Boys Club clothing?
Billionaire Boys Club was founded by Pharrell Williams and NIGO.

Is Billionaire Boys Club made in China?
Billionaire Boys Club is manufactured in various Asian countries, including China.

Does Pharrell Williams own Billionaire Boys Club?
As of 2016, Pharrell owns a percentage of Billionaire Boys Club.

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