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In 1957, entrepreneur Sam Tick founded Metro Sportswear Ltd. in Toronto, Canada. In the early years, the company specialized in making raincoats, snowmobile suits and woolen vests, selling primarily to police departments and research teams who spent a lot of time in extremely cold climates. In the 1970s, Tick’s son-in-law David Reiss joined the company and made an incredible contribution by inventing a volume-based down filling machine. This breakthrough, which allowed the company to pack more down feathers into its products, would lead to a new name for the company—Snow Goose, which would later become Canada Goose. In the 1980s, Canada Goose released what is still considered one of its most popular products, the Expedition Parka. Designed for scientists in Antarctica, the Expedition Parka set the tone for the jackets that would follow. It was an early indicator of the type of heavy-duty winter wear Canada Goose would go on to make, like the Chilliwack Bomber and Langford Parka. Canada Goose has also collaborated with brands like October’s Very Own and Vetements.

When was Canada Goose founded?
Canada Goose was founded in 1957 under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd.

Who founded Canada Goose?
Canada Goose was founded by Sam Tick.

Where is Canada Goose made?
Canada Goose products are made in Toronto and Winnipeg, Canada.

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