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In the era of every major artist leveraging their popularity into a brand, it’d be a missed opportunity for an artist of Drake’s magnitude to not get in on the action. October’s Very Own was kick started by Oliver El-Khatib, Drake’s manager and right hand man. Since Drake’s career took off at the end of the 2000s, El-Khatib has handled the brand building responsibilities for just about everything brandishing the owl logo. October’s Very Own started its eponymous clothing line in 2011, when the brand’s only output was a series of collaborations with famed Canadian lifestyle brand Roots. Over time, OVO slowly grew its offering, starting with T-shirts and hoodies and expanding into jackets and pants. In 2015, the brand began its ongoing collaboration with Jordan Brand resulting in some of the most valuable Jordan retros of the decade. The recent collaboration between OVO and Takashi Murakami proved to be one of the more popular releases among streetwear and Drake fans alike.

Who owns October’s Very Own clothing?
October’s Very Own clothing is owned by Drake, Oliver El-Khatib and Noah Shebib.

What does October’s Very Own mean?
The name is a nod to Drake’s birthday (October 24).

What does OVO stand for?
October’s Very Own.

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