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C.P. Company was founded in Italy in 1971 by Massimo Osti. The brand was originally named Chester Perry after the fictional factory from the Frank Dickens’ cartoon strip, but following simultaneous lawsuits from Chester Barrie and Fred Perry, the name was changed from Chester Perry to C.P. Company. The brand is known for its pioneering take on garment dyeing, a technique Osti and his collaborators began using in the early-’70s. Garment dyeing simply means a product was constructed from start to finish and then dyed as the final step, as opposed to the conventional method of dyeing the materials first, then constructing the garment. This method, in conjunction with C.P. Company’s revolutionary use of multiple natural and synthetic materials, has led to a nearly 50 year existence as one of the most forward pushing brands in fashion. C.P. Company is best known for its jackets but the brand offers a wide range of products including sweatshirts and pants.

What does C.P. mean in C.P. Company?
The C.P. in C.P. Company stands for Chester Perry.

Is C.P. Company Stone Island?
Although both companies had Massimo Osti at the head at one point, no, Stone Island is not C.P. Company.

Where is C.P. Company clothing made?
C.P. Company makes its clothing in Italy.

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