Fred Perry


In the 1940s, Tibby Wegner, a former Austrian football player, approached tennis star Fred Perry with the idea of launching a clothing line. Wegner had already invented the first sweatband and what better name to put on a sweatband than one of the biggest tennis stars in the world? The next idea was to produce a sports shirt and in 1952, the Fred Perry polo shirt was introduced. The shirt was an immediate success despite only being available in white, as it was made specifically for tennis. In the late ’50s, Fred Perry introduced more colors as demand grew. Today, in addition to its iconic polo shirts, Fred Perry offers a variety of items including jackets and sweatshirts. In recent years, Fred Perry has also done collaborations with Comme des Garçons and Raf Simons, among others.

What does the Fred Perry logo mean?
The Fred Perry logo is based on the original Wimbledon tennis tournament logo.

Is Fred Perry a luxury brand?
No, Fred Perry is not a luxury brand.

Is Fred Perry still alive?
No, Fred Perry died in 1995.

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