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Founded by designer Matthew Williams in 2015, 1017 ALYX 9SM quickly rose to prominence for its forward-facing approach bridging luxury and streetwear. Commonly referred to as simply Alyx, and pronounced “Ah-Leeks,” the brand started out as a womenswear brand, adding a menswear department in 2017. Known for advanced technical fabrics and industrial hardware elements, some of Alyx’s most prominent designs include a roller coaster safety buckle and military-inspired chest rigs.

Founder Matthew Williams was no stranger to the fashion industry when creating Alyx, which is named after his daughter. The designer worked with musicians Kanye West and Lady Gaga in a previous life. Williams also formed a DJ collective with Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston before starting Alyx as his own individual project. With Alyx, Williams sought to seamlessly incorporate his lived experience of skate and club culture with leatherware and elements of high fashion. Alyx pants and Alyx tops along with the brand’s accessories line embody William’s history and design vision. Highly anticipated Alyx collaborations with Nike add to the line’s advanced techwear inspired compositions. Fashion insiders quickly noticed Williams’ work with Alyx and in 2020, Williams was appointed creative director of Givenchy.

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