We love pants, and that’s not an understatement. Jeans, cargos, trousers, cords–basically any fabric with two legs attached to a waistband—holds a dear place in the Dry Clean Only canon. Shorts, however, are tough.

Only wearable for a small portion of the year, for many guys shorts are simply either the cheap polyester variety you wore to gym class or the wide, loose Nike athletic shorts you hoop in. Finding a pair that is not only comfortable and stylish, but also sports any sort of longevity is a tall order. Considering seasonality, cost per wear is high, and unless you consistently hit leg day finding a flattering silhouette is all the more difficult. Thankfully, there’s hope.

As the prep revival kicks into high gear and workplaces grow consistently more casual, shorts are finally acceptable on a daily basis. While the advent of gorpcore made Patagonia Baggies a household name, for many of us a 7-inch inseam—let alone 5-inch—simply will not cut it.

Like with any garment, the key to successfully pulling off a pair of shorts is simple: confidence and self-awareness. First, consider your current aesthetic and—whether you’re a tech-fiend or minimalist—search for a pair of shorts you can seamlessly integrate into your pre-existing wardrobe. Next (and this is key) wear with confidence. No one is totally at ease with their yams out, but if you find a silhouette that suits you and commit, even those with spindly chicken legs will manage to keep cool in some thigh-grazing britches. Now, rather than sift through countless options, we have gone ahead and done the hard work for you by selecting our ten favorite shorts available right now.

Best Shorts for Men
1. Patagonia 5” Baggies
2. Noah Military Short
3. Nike Gyakusou Utility Short
4. Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Wool Shorts
5. Maison Margiela Oversized Short
6. Acronym SP1TS-S
7. Thom Browne Seersucker Tweed Short
8. Fear of God Military Training Short
9. Acne Studios Fleece Short
10. Rick Owens Pods Shorts
11. Eric Emanuel Mesh Shorts
12. Engineered Garments Fatigue Shorts
13. Stone Island Nylon Metal Trunks
14. Dries Van Noten Printed Silk Shorts
15. Kapital Bones Applique Denim Shorts

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