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A cult fashion favorite, Dries Van Noten is far and away the most popular of the highly influential designer group known as the Antwerp Six. Since his eponymous line's inception in 1986, Van Noten has insisted on only making Spring and Fall collections, citing a lack of desire to make clothing that won’t be stocked in stores. His designs range from upscale basics to outerwear reminiscent of royal gowns, but his careful choice of fabrics is consistent regardless of the garment.

How old is Dries Van Noten?
Dries Van Noten was born on May 12, 1958.

Where can I buy Dries Van Noten?
Dries Van Noten is available at various stockists and on Grailed.

Where is Dries Van Noten from?
Dries Van Noten is from Belgium.

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