It’s a rough time of year. For those of you not blessed with a temperate climate, you are in the thick of winter—and things only get worse from here. February is cold, and often March is not much better. Thankfully, there’s a lightweight, packable jacket that’s perfectly suited for the most severe cold fronts. It’s big, bulky and filled with down. We are, of course, talking about the puffer.

Whether made with synthetic fill or goose down, the puffer is the only coat that can withstand sub-zero temperatures. Seinfeld memes aside, the big puffy coat is once again trending, particularly considering we are in the midst of a late-90’s to early-‘00s revival. While classic American outdoor brands like The North Face have consistently produced puffers for decades, both streetwear and high-fashion brands are suddenly joining the fold, whether it be via reissues or entirely new designs. Beyond the puffer’s technical prowess, the coat's inherent structure makes it perfect for layering and playing with proportions, two menswear trends as pervasive as any. Like any statement outerwear piece, the options are dizzying and aesthetic wide-ranging, so tracking down the perfect specimen is crucial—especially given the often high price point. So, we did the work for you. In order to help you hunt down the perfect puffer, we have broken down our favorites across every genre and style. Prepare to get insulated. In no particular order

The Best Puffer Jackets for Men
1. The North Face 1996 Nupste Jacket
2. Moncler Montbeliard Jacket
3. Uniqlo Ultra Down Light Parka
4. Palace Puffa Jacket
5. Balenciaga C-Shape Puffer
6. Veilance Conduit AR Coat
7. 1017 Alyx 9SM Bondage Puffer
8. Prada Linea Rossa LR-HX015 Padded Jacket
9. Stone Island Crinkle Reps NY Down Jacket
10. Patagonia Fitz Roy Jacket
11. Rick Owens Glitter Puffer Jacket
12. Canada Goose Wyndham Jacket
13. Craig Green Down Workwear Jacket

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