Clothing as a status symbol is not uncommon. A designer handbag, a large brand name logo or exotic skins are all demarcations of wealth or taste. Less common, however, are functional items that speak for themselves. Enter Moncler. Over 60 years, the French brand has transformed from manufacturing performance ski equipment to becoming a purveyor of some of the finest—and most coveted—outerwear on earth. Beyond its legacy and inherent practicality, Moncler has managed a rare feat: transforming a simple badge into an undeniable mark of luxury.

Unique to the brand is the ability to cater to both elite athletes and aesthetes alike. While never straying from tradition, through experimental offshoots, limited capsules and runway collections Moncler is as much a fashion staple as it is a premium outerwear brand. Today, under the leadership of CEO Remo Ruffini, the brand is just as likely to sponsor elite climbs and ski races as it is to work with the foremost designers in fashion—a strategy that continues to defy expectations.

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