What I wouldn’t give to have been in attendance at Craig Green’s Spring/Summer 2015 runway presentation. The soundtrack was Wim Mertens’ “Struggle for Pleasure”. It’s a minimalist work, with repetitions and beautiful harmonies that have a unique capacity to transfix. The designs—though the simple, monochromatic color schemes may have hinted at such—were anything but minimalist. Some of the models wore shirts containing cut-outs in the torso and shoulder. Others were draped in meticulously affixed panels of quilted fabric, the ties that gave the garments their jacket-like shape in disarray, dangling to the floor, while several models were strapped to wearable banners.

Yet every model was barefoot. This made for a presentation that showcased a collection with primal beauty that was intricate but never forced and arresting but never aggressive. Presented in tandem with the ever-enrapturing soundtrack, it’s no surprise that this show will long be remembered as a “fashion moment;” a moment that fashion critic Tim Blanks, then runway editor at Style.com, described as “a storm of emotion leaving the audience verklemmt and the designer overwhelmed.” That’s a hell of a solo debut, if you ask me.

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