For decades, American fashion has been defined by a handful of notable names. The Ralphs, Calvins, and Tommys remain monumental, reaching critical mass to the point that their wares can be found in malls around the country. But just as the diverse roots of this country came from a melting pot of influences from all around the world, American fashion is now just as wide-ranging, from Alexander Wang spreading the gospel of athleisure, to Rick Owens preaching to a choir of avant-garde goth ninjas.

But perhaps no American designer in recent memory has been as influential as Thom Browne. His high-water trousers and too-cropped blazers might not be your everyday uniform, but they have definitely influenced what you wear on a daily basis. Browne is the man who shrunk suits across America and turned four stripes into a status symbol on the level of four stars.

While the baggy silhouettes may be having a moment in the spotlight right now, the Thom Browne look won’t be leaving anytime soon.

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