Though by no means the first of its kind, it's no stretch to say that today BAPE is the definitive Japanese streetwear brand. Since NIGO founded the label in 1993, its childish illustrated graphics, endless pop-culture references and, of course, infamous camo, has slowly shaped not only Japanese men’s fashion, but menswear at large. While largely due to NIGO’s outsized influence—his various relationships with the menswear’s most noteworthy individuals ranging from Hiroshi Fujiwara to Pharrell speak for themselves—even following NIGO’s departure, BAPE is still at the center of the cultural conversation for one reason: collaboration.

Arguably the only true rival to Supreme in that regard, the A Bathing Ape brand has worked with quite literally anyone and everyone. Founded by a true pop culture junkie and notorious collector, BAPE has never been afraid to experiment and for years NIGO’s expansive and disparate interests inspired some of the wackiest, least-expected and undoubtedly brilliant partnerships in streetwear history.

Years before Supreme was releasing mid-century modern furniture and dirt bikes, BAPE was building off of NIGO’s laundry list of hobbies to create dolls, watches, sneakers and even soda. If Supreme perfect the collaboration, BAPE broke down the boundary of what even defined one. The reason collaborations are, not novel, but industry de rigeur, is no doubt BAPE’s doing. So, to honor the original, below we break down the best BAPE collaborations thus far.

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