In 1943, Blue Bell acquired Casey Jones Company, a manufacturer of work-clothing, and the rights to one of Casey Jones’ brand names—Wrangler. Along with celebrity tailor Rodeo Ben, Wrangler introduced western jeans to the American market in 1947, even going as far as to hire professional rodeo cowboys to wear, test and endorse the jeans. The brand’s apex in popularity came in 1996 when it was the #1 most popular men’s denim brand in the U.S., with one out of four American men owning a pair of Wrangler’s jeans (according to the brand). While Wrangler is best known for its jeans, the brand’s blue collar ethos comes through in its shirts and denim jackets.

Is Wrangler made by Levi?
No, Wrangler is not made by Levi’s.

Where can I buy Wrangler jeans?
Wrangler jeans are available at a variety of locations as well as Grailed.

Where are Wrangler jeans made now?
Some Wrangler jeans are still made in the US.

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