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Valentino Garavani’s love of fashion was developed at a young age. As a young man in Lombardy, Italy, he attended the theatre and opera and was mesmerized by the costumes. When he was 17, Garavani moved to Paris to study fashion and upon graduating, he became an apprentice to Jean Dessés and Guy Laroche. After a few years in Paris, Garavani moved to Rome and started his eponymous fashion house in 1959. One of the keys to Valentino’s success was one of his biggest fans and clients: first lady Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. Following President Kennedy’s assassination, she began to wear many Valentino dresses and the two became close friends. Albeit under tragic circumstances, Valentino’s work was on display on one of the most public figures in the world, boosting his profile and business tremendously. From then on, Valentino was a major player in the luxury fashion world. In recent years, the brands collaboration with Undercover boosted the brands profile amongst younger consumers.

Is Valentino a luxury brand?
Yes, Valentino is a luxury brand.

Who started Valentino?
Valentino Garavani is the founder of the luxury brand Valentino.

When did Valentino start?
Valentino was founded in 1959.

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