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Supreme Men's Short Sleeve T Shirts


Over the years, Supreme has sold many items most people wouldn’t expect a streetwear brand to create—like luxurious wool trench coats, mohair cardigans and pastel suits. While all of these sartorially adventurous pieces sold out, the single item that best defines what Supreme is all about is the T-shirt. The humble wardrobe staple was among the first products Supreme carried when it opened in 1994. Over 20 years later, T-shirts remain among the most sought-after pieces of every collection.

While Supreme may use it’s outerwear and bottoms as vehicles to communicate silhouettes, it often uses T-shirts to communicate its messages and ethos. Although the Box Logo T-shirt remains Supreme’s single most popular item, its other T-shirts give a window into what Supreme is really about. Supreme’s collaborations with visual artists like Martin Wong and tributes to recording artists like Nas give insight into what art the team behind the brand look to for inspiration.

Supreme has never shied away from politics and the “Supreme is Unamerican” Tee is a great example of the brand using its voice to make a statement. Supreme occasionally makes T-shirts for charitable causes, such as the COVID-19 Relief Box Logo Tee, made in collaboration with Takashi Murakami. The proceeds of the retail sales went to charitable organization HELP USA. Despite these noble and charitable ideals, Supreme’s bread and butter is making T-shirts with claims boasting about its own greatness and superiority to others, its standard of excellence and other forms of braggadocio. These T-shirt releases include the Mean Tee. Whether you want to rep your favorite artist, political cause or just share the belief that Supreme is the best brand out, there’s a T-shirt for you.

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