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Seditionaries was created by Vivienne Westwood. partner and co-owner of the famous London boutique Let It Rock with Malcolm McLaren. After the store had gone through various name changes and periods of closing, it returned in 1976 as Seditionaries. At the time, McLaren managed a band that would later become the infamous Sex Pistols. Since the band was always dressed in Seditionaries goods, the popularity of the clothing rose congruently with the popularity of the band. In 1980, McLaren and Westwood’s relationship deteriorated and Seditionaries closed for good.

When did Seditionaries open?
Seditionaries opened in 1976.

Who ran Seditionaries?
Seditionaries was owned by Malcolm McLaren.

Did Sid Vicious work at Seditionaries?
Yes, Sid Vicious did work at Seditionaries.

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