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Salomon was founded in 1947 in Annecy, France by the Salomon family. The company was originally in the business of producing steel saw blades when it realized its location in the French Alps lent itself to the skiing industry, thus they started making steel ski edges. In 1979, Salomon made its foray into footwear by producing ski boots which eventually led to hiking shoes in 1992. The shoes were such a success that hiking and mountaineering became a pillar of the business and Salomon spent the rest of the ’90s breaking into the hiking market. In 2006, Salomon found its way into the trail running business with its XT series. In recent years, as gorpcore has been on the rise, Salomon shoes have grown in popularity and collaborations with Boris Bidjan Saberi and Palace.

Who is Salomon owned by?
Salomon is owned by Amer Sports Corporation.

Where is the Salomon brand from?
Salomon was founded in Annecy, France.

Are Salomon shoes waterproof?
Some Salomon shoes feature waterproofing technologies.

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