Russell Athletic

Russell Athletic


Russell Athletic, originally named Russell Manufacturing Company, was founded by Benjamin Russell in Alexander City, Alabama in 1902. It was Benjamin's son Benny who came up with the idea for what would become the first crew neck sweatshirt in 1930. By the 1960s, Russell had become the biggest manufacturer for sportswear in the United States. Today, while no longer at the top, the company maintains a presence in the more casual side of the sportswear world. These days, the brand is best known for its hoodies, T-shirts and a recent collaboration with Kith.

Is Russell Athletic going out of business?
No, the company is not going out of business.

Is Russell a Walmart brand?
While Russell Athletic may be available at Walmart, the brand was not created by Walmart.

Who made Russell Athletic?
Benjamin Russell is the founder of Russell Athletic.

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