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Born in Manila, Philippines, Rhude founder Rhuigi Villaseñor was always interested in pursuing a career in fashion. His father frowned upon the pursuit, wanting him to work in the medical field instead. Despite his humble beginnings, Villaseñor was desperate to stand out and express himself through his clothes, learning to construct garments from his mother, a tailor. Villaseñor began working for TI$A during his senior year in high school. He took what he learned from the brand and became an intern for Shaun Samson, where he learned the trade of design.

In 2012, prior to officially launching Rhude, Villaseñor designed a black and white paisley bandana T-shirt. After uploading a picture of it on Instagram, he found himself in an unusual situation. Almost immediately, he had hundreds of people—including Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg—wanting to buy it. Villaseñor was initially stunned and refused to produce it, but eventually gave it to Lamar, who went on to wear it at the BET Awards. From there, Rhude officially launched in 2013. Taking its name from Villaseñor’s family tradition of starting names with “Rh” and his own desire to rebel from his strict environment, Rhude has quickly grown into one of Los Angeles’ biggest streetwear brands.

Rhude’s collections are based on Villaseñor’s personal stories and relationships. The recurring cigarette references are a nod to the children Villaseñor saw in the Philippines selling cigarettes for their families. The Spring 2016 “Sugarland'' collection—inspired by Villaseñor’s break up with a woman from Texas—is focused on a fictional character desperate to leave his small town, joining the military and returning home with PTSD. The collection’s themes bled into the Spring/Summer 2017 “Electric Earth” and Fall/Winter 2017 “Motorpsycho” collections.

Rhude has gone on to do collaborations with brands like Puma and Vans with more on the horizon. The brand’s Rhecess Hi sneaker, Traxedo Pants and graphic tees are a mainstay in NBA tunnel shots. With its first Paris Fashion Week behind it, Rhude is clearly a young brand to keep an eye on.

What is Rhude?
Rhude is a streetwear brand by Rhuigi Villaseñor.

Where is Rhuigi Villaseñor from?
Rhuigi Villaseñor was born and raised in Manila, Philippines until he was 11, when he moved to Los Angeles, California.

When was Rhude founded?

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