Represent Clo.


British brothers George and Michael Heston started Represent in 2012 as a design project, not expecting it to grow into a full time job. The brand was simply releasing a graphic T-shirt here and there until the release of its Fall/Winter 2013 Ghost collection. This was the first time that Represent worked with designer Imtayaz Qassim to cut its patterns and help design the collection. Ghost was a success, but the Heston brothers were still unsatisfied with production. They found new manufacturers for the Spring/Summer 2014 Wraith collection and were impressed with the fit and quality, marking a new beginning for the young brand. Represent has since released collections on a consistent basis, providing gear for those who want the look popularized by Fear of God for a quarter of the price. Represent is best known for its denim and T-shirts.

Who owns Represent clothing?
George and Michael Heston are the founders and owners of Represent.

Where is Represent clothing made?
Represent makes all of its clothing in Europe, mostly in the UK.

When was Represent clothing started?
Represent Clothing was founded in 2012.

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