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Founder and CEO of CYC Design Corporation Craig Atkinson was already doing well for himself prior to starting Reigning Champ. CYC was over 10 years strong and his creative outlet Wings + Horns was also successful. After a few years of supplying fleece to brands such as Arc’teryx and Supreme, CYC developed a reputation as one of the best fleece suppliers in the world. To capitalize on this, in 2007, Atkinson and co. created Reigning Champ, an in house line that would offer the brands coveted fleece in the form of hoodies, sweatpants and other basics. In recent years, Reigning Champ has collaborated with brands such as Asics and adidas.

Who owns Reigning Champ?
Reigning Champ is owned by CYC Design Corporation.

When did Reigning Champ start?
Reigning Champ was founded in 2007.

Where is Reigning Champ from?
Reigning Champ and all other CYC brands are headquartered in Canada.

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