Pleasures was founded by Vlad Elkin and Alex James in 2015. The brand first made headlines for printing the alleged suicide note of Nirvana frontman and cultural icon Kurt Cobain on clothing. While the move was seen as crass by many, it brought the brand notoriety. From then on, the brand capitalized on one distastefully eye-catching graphic after another, eventually landing on the backs of celebrities like Kylie Jenner. The brand is known best for producing T-shirts but has also done collaborations with companies like Chinatown Market.

Who started Pleasures?
Pleasures was founded by Vlad Elkin and Alex James.

Where is Pleasures from?
Pleasures is often associated with Los Angeles but its founders are from New Jersey.

Where can I buy Pleasures?
Pleasures is available at a variety of stockists and Grailed.

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