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It’s not very often that a fashion brand starts out with a book, but that’s exactly how Palm Angels founder Francesco Ragazzi planned it. Through the Palm Angels book and the various projects around it, Ragazzi found a business partner and began working on the clothing line. Ragazzi’s goal was to mix his Italian and American sensibilities. In 2015, Palm Angels released its debut unisex collection which combines prep style with Ragazzi’s love of California skate culture. The collection was successful and the brand took off immediately. In recent years, the brand’s collaborations with VLONE, Under Armour and Playboi Carti have all been hits.

Outside of collaborations, Palm Angels track jackets and track pants have also become highly desirable pieces. With only a few collections under its belt, Palm Angels has quickly risen as one of the biggest brands to come out of Italy in years.

Is Palm Angels oversized?
Palm Angels has been known to fit oversized. Please check the measurements before buying any item.

Who is the owner of Palm Angels?
Palm Angels founder Francesco Ragazzi is also the owner.

When did Palm Angels start?
Palm Angels was founded in 2015.

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