Odd Future


After building buzz online and at local shows throughout 2009 and 2010, Los Angeles music collective Odd Future took its specific brand of rebellion on the road in 2011. Just like any other music act on a national tour, the group brought plenty of merchandise with them including T-shirts and hoodies, the All Over Donut Hoodie being a particular standout. In 2013, Odd Future started an ongoing collaboration with Vans which lasted until 2017. The Odd Future brand has largely been dwarfed by the collective’s most famous star—Tyler, the Creator—and his Golf Wang fashion line.

Is Odd Future a skating brand?
While members of Odd Future do skateboard, the brand is not necessarily a skate brand.

Why is the Odd Future logo a donut?
Tyler, The Creator would often draw on his clothing as a teenager and the donut is something he would often draw.

Does Zumiez own Odd Future?
Zumiez does not own Odd Future but was a retailer of the group’s clothing at one time.

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