Michael Kors


Michael Kors created his eponymous brand in 1977 while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Kors left school after just nine months of enrollment when Lothars, the midtown Manhattan boutique he worked at, offered to stock his designs. In 1981, Kors’ designs caught the eye of Dawn Mello, the fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman, who agreed to carry his clothing as well. From then on, Kors brand continued to grow and win awards. While Kors’ womenswear is what propelled him to success, it's his bags that kept him in the limelight. Kors also makes watches and belts, among many other items.

When was Michael Kors founded?
Michael Kors was founded in 1977.

What does Michael Kors stand for?
Michael Kors is the name of the founder and designer, it is not an acronym.

Where is Michael Kors from?
Michael Kors is from Long Island, New York.

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