Mastermind Japan


Founded by Masaaki Homma in 1997, Mastermind Japan began as a seasonal ready-to-wear brand, presenting collections as part of Tokyo then Paris Fashion Week. Homma was among the first to attempt “elevated streetwear”, a style many would later attempt. His mission was to present Japanese designer streetwear to a global audience, Homma took classic streetwear items such as jeans and hoodies and made them look at home on the runway. In 2012, Mastermind discontinued its seasonal collections and has since moved to intermittent drops and collaborative capsules, functioning more like a traditional streetwear brand. In recent years, Mastermind has collaborated with adidas, BAPE, The North Face, as well as many others.

When did Mastermind Japan start?
Mastermind Japan was founded in 1997.

Who founded Mastermind Japan?
Masaaki Homma founded Mastermind Japan.

Does BAPE own Mastermind Japan?
No, BAPE does not own Mastermind Japan.

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