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Maharishi was founded in 1994 in the United Kingdom by Hardy Blechman. The brand was founded with the idea of high quality, military-inspired garments made ethically. While this was a bold thesis for the mid-’90s, Maharishi was dedicated to the plan and by producing hemp, using other natural fibers and recycling workwear and military surplus goods, it produced its goods about as ethically as anyone could. In 2000, Blechman was named Streetwear Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council, boosting the brand's profile further. Today, Maharishi remains among the most respected brands in its class and continues to release high quality goods, as well as sought-after collaborations with Nike. Like most streetwear brands, Maharishi is known for its hoodies, T-shirts and jackets.

When did Maharishi start?
Maharishi started in 1994.

Who founded Maharishi?
Maharishi was founded by Hardy Blechman.

Where can I buy Maharishi?
Maharishi is available via its web store, stockists and Grailed.

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