In 1823, Glaswegian scientist Charles Macintosh patented a new waterproof fabric of his own creation. When Glaswegian tailors and consumers weren’t sold on Macintosh’s idea, he moved to Manchester, where he created the Charles Macintosh India Rubber Company.In 1830, Macintosh teamed up with fellow inventor Thomas Hancock, who had also been experimenting with waterproof textiles. In the early 1840s, the waterproof jacket known as The Mackintosh was invented and has since been the standard of waterproof jackets. In recent years, Mackintosh has collaborated with Alyx and Kiko Kostadinov, exposing the brand to a new audience.

What is Mackintosh fabric?
Mackintosh’s signature waterproof fabric is a proprietary invention.

Who owns Mackintosh?
Mackintosh is owned by Yagi Tsusho.

Where can I buy Mackintosh?
Mackintosh is available at a variety of stockists and Grailed.

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