Lee was founded by Henry David Lee in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. It was established as a workwear company that produced dungarees and jackets that were popular at the time. Lee became a household name in 1913 when it introduced the Lee Union-All, the first full-jacket overall of its kind. In 1926, Lee released the Cowboy Pant, a 13oz pair of jeans marketed towards cowboys and blue collar workers. 1926 also saw the release of the 101Z, the first jeans that featured a zip fly. Lee’s tough construction is part of the reason it’s been around for over a century; there’s nothing denimheads love like durability. Shop for an assortment of vintage Lee jeans and denim jackets on Grailed.

Are Lee jeans made by Levi’s?
No, Lee and Levi’s are two different companies.

Are Lee jeans still made?
Yes, Lee is still producing jeans.

What company owns Lee?
Lee is owned by Kontoor Brands.

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