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Kenzo is a French fashion brand founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. The brand exclusively produced womenswear until 1983 when it added menswear and kids clothing. The brand went on to release a perfume line and homeware in the ’80s before being bought by luxury fashion conglomerate LVMH in 1993. In 2016, Kenzo collaborated with H&M which helped introduce the brand to a much wider audience. In the menswear world, Kenzo is best known for its sweatshirts, handkerchiefs and T-shirts.

Who is Kenzo owned by?
Kenzo is owned by LVMH.

Where are Kenzo clothes made?
Most Kenzo items are made in China.

Is Kenzo a luxury brand?
Yes, Kenzo is a luxury brand.

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