Originally founded in 1916 in Turin, Italy as a sock company, Kappa was reborn as a sportswear company in 1967. It gained popularity in the UK in the ’80s and became a household name when it supplied the official kits for teams such as Manchester City, Juventis, Barcelona and the United States Olympic team in 1984. The brand is known for its logo featuring a man and a woman leaning on each other, back to back. While many think the graphic is of two women, it’s actually intended to be a symbol of gender equality. In recent years, the brand has returned to the spotlight as vintage pieces began circulating the market. Recognizing the moment, Kappa returned in a proper way with collaborations with various brands, including Gosha Rubchinskiy, C2H4 and Faith Connexion.

What does the Kappa logo mean?
It is a symbol of gender equality.

Who is Kappa owned by?
Kappa’s parent company is Basic Net S.p.A.

Is Kappa a soccer brand?
Kappa is a sportswear brand that makes a variety of gear, especially soccer kits.

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