Kapital Kountry

Kapital Kountry


After starting Kapital in 2002, founders Toshikiyo Hirata and his son Kiro Hirata established Kapital Kountry in 2010. While Kapital is known worldwide for its use of old Japanese manufacturing techniques, the Kountry line is known for its dyeing and washing methods. In addition to this, the Kountry line also reworks older Kapital pieces to create one-of-a-kind garments. One of Kountry’s most popular items is the Bandana jacket, which takes multiple paisley bandanas and stitches them together to make a new, almost-homespun garment. In recent years, two Kapital Kountry motifs have become extremely popular: the skeleton and the smiley face. While Kapital is notorious for its extremely large collections—sometimes including over 300 pieces—the skeleton and smiley pieces attract the bulk of the hype. Though the genius of Kapital lies more in the stitching and dyeing of garments than graphic design, Smiley crewneck sweaters and Skeleton T-shirts are among Kapital’s most popular pieces of all time.

Who founded Kapital Kountry?
Kapital Kountry was founded by Kiro and Toshikiyo Hirata.

When did Kapital Kountry start?
Kapital Kountry was founded in 2010.

Where can I buy Kapital Kountry?
Kapital Kountry is available at a variety of retailers and Grailed.

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