Jun Takahashi


Fashion designer Jun Takahashi was born in 1969 in the small village of Kiryu, Japan. Growing up in post-WWII Japan, Takahashi was exposed to western culture in a way his countrymen never had been before. This exposure led to Takahashi becoming obsessed with Rock music and the culture around it. In 1988, Takahashi enrolled in Bunka College of Fashion but was unsure of what particular career he wanted to pursue. After tagging along with a friend to a Comme des Garçons show, Takahashi left feeling so inspired he founded the brand Undercover. It’s with Undercover that Takahashi was able to create one of Japan’s most influential fashion brands, with its punk rock aesthetic, unique tailoring and iconic collections still looked to as a source of inspiration decades later.

Who is Jun Takahashi?
Jun Takahashi is the founder of Undercover.

Where can I buy Undercover?
Undercover is available at various retailers and Grailed.

When did Undercover start?
Undercover was founded in 1993.

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