Imran Potato

Imran Potato


Imran Potato is a brand created by Imran Moosvi. Moosvi started making bootleg clothing in college, making fake collaborations between two brands that have never worked together. As years went on, his work began to catch the attention of an increasing number of people. After the creations were seen on Tyga and Kylie Jenner, Imran Potato exploded. While the brand has released plenty of shirts and shoes, the fake Gucci socks are Imran Potato’s most popular item.

Who started Imran Potato?
Imran Potato was founded by Imran Moosvi.

Where can I buy Imran Potato?
Imran Potato is available on its web store as well as Grailed.

Are Imran Potato socks real Gucci?
No, Imran Potato socks are not real Gucci.

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