In the 1980s, Huf founder Keith Hufnagel was a skater in New York City, riding around and spray painting his tag whenever he could just like so many others. Seeing himself as an outcast, Hufnagel fled to San Francisco in the 1990s to become a pro skater. After achieving success as a skater, he opened the first Huf store in 2002, selling skate brands (including his own), bearing the nickname he’d always gone by “Huf”. Eventually, he stopped carrying other brands in the store and launched Huf’s first full apparel collection in 2007. The brand gained a lot of popularity for its use of marijuana leaves as an all-over print on several items. Huf has also done collaborations with Thrasher and Fuck The Population.

What does HUF mean?
Huf is founder Keith Hufnagel’s nickname.

Who is Huf owned by?
Founder Keith Hufnagel still owns a minority stake in HUF, while Tadashi Saito and Tsi Holdings Co. own 90 percent.

Is HUF going out of business?
While the company announced it was no longer going to continue its shoe line, Huf will continue to produce apparel and other products.

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