Hood By Air


Hood By Air is a New York based contemporary luxury label that was founded by Shayne Oliver and Raul López in 2006. The brand was known for its bold graphics and logos that were reminiscent of ’90s fashion. In the early-2010s, Hood By Air found its way to the wardrobes of stylish celebrities such as A$AP Rocky and Kanye West and soon after became the brand of the moment. Hood By Air went on hiatus in April 2017 but in the winter of 2019, the brand announced its return. While fans await the latest from the influential brand, its fan favorite long sleeve T-shirts, hoodies and short sleeve T-shirts are all still available on Grailed.

Who created Hood By Air?
Hood By Air was created by Shayne Oliver and Raul López.

When did Hood By Air start?
Hood By Air was founded in 2006.

Is Hood By Air back?
Yes, Hood By Air is no longer on hiatus.

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