Greg Lauren


There are fewer advantages an aspiring fashion designer can have than being the nephew of Ralph Lauren. Born in 1970, Greg Lauren had a front row seat to witness his uncle's mastery of style, quality and design. After spending his 20s as a painter and actor, Lauren launched his eponymous line in 2011. Lauren quickly became noticed for his signature style: sewing two different types of clothing together to make one garment—like sweatpants and cargo pants, for example. A combination of sustainability and wabi-sabi, Lauren remains a cult favorite for those who love L.A.’s penchant for upscale luxury or Japanese handcrafted garment production.

Is Greg Lauren related to Ralph Lauren?
Yes, Greg Lauren is Ralph Lauren’s nephew.

Who is Greg Lauren’s father?
Greg Lauren’s father is Jerry Lauren, the head of menswear at Polo Ralph Lauren.

Who is Greg Lauren married to?
Greg Lauren is married to actress Elizabeth Berkley.

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