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1965 marked the formation of American rock band The Grateful Dead in Palo Alto, California. Throughout the ‘70s, avid fans known as dead heads created their own culture while religiously following the touring band. Surviving members of The Grateful Dead reunited in 2015 for a reunion tour. What they thought would be a farewell tour actually created a new generation of fans. The new band continued to tour, this time with John Mayer in tow, as Dead & Company. While appreciative of the group’s musical oeuvre, the Grateful Dead’s new fans grew enamored with the psychedelic world of Grateful Dead merchandise. Nike’s Grateful Dead collaboration resulted in bright SB Dunks decorated with shearling details and the classic Grateful Dead dancing bear illustration. Grateful Dead hats, polos, and leather jackets feature the band’s classic rose, skull and lightning bolt motifs. Grateful Dead merchandise is not limited to official releases, the popularity of the band’s tie-dye ethos has spawned a thriving ecosystem of DIY streetwear. Most notably Los Angeles-based Online Ceramics leads the pack. Brands such as Chinatown Market and Gallery Department add refreshing takes to the ever-expanding world of Grateful Dead merch.

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