The company now known as Gildan was founded as a children's apparel company, Harley Inc., in 1946 by Joseph Chamandy in Montreal, Canada. In 1984, the company acquired a knitting mill and became a vertically-integrated manufacturing company. Harley Inc. changed its name to Gildan Textiles Inc., as Gildan is a portmanteau of two Harley Inc. salesmen’s names. From then on, Gildan steadily grew and in 2001, became the top brand in the 100 percent cotton T-shirt printwear business. Since then, when companies or everyday people wanted to print a graphic on a T-shirt, Gildan has been seen as the default choice. Gildan’s T-shirts and hoodies have been used as band merch, sports memorabilia and everything in between.

When was Gildan founded?
The company known as Harley Inc. became Gildan in 1984.

What company owns Gildan?
Gildan is owned by the parent company Gildan Activewear Inc.

Where is Gildan manufactured?
Gildan has manufacturing facilities in multiple countries.

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