G59 Records

G59 Records


Started by its flagship group $uicideboys, the New Orleans based G59 Record$ crew has expanded its roster to include other artists such as Rvmirxz and Foulplay. Despite G59 Record$ commitment to dealing in the underground rap scene as opposed to the mainstream, the merch has sold at a level comparable to a much bigger platform. Items such as the Ski Mask tee and New Orleans tee are highly sought-after, while the label’s hats and sweatshirts are close behind.

Who started G59 Record$?
The group $uicideboys started G59 Record$ in 2013.

What does G59 mean?
“G” comes from the word “Gray”—or the mixture of black and white. It is a reference to the racial makeup of New Orleans, while the “59” comes from the highway that runs through the city.

What subgenre does $uicideboys fit in?
$uicideboys music has been best described as “Horrorcore”.

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