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One of the most influential denim brands in recent history, Evisu, was founded by Hidehiko Yamane. While his contemporaries focused on heritage Americana, Yamane put his attention in the other direction, looking towards the future of streetwear as his guiding light. Founded in 1991, Evisu began producing high quality denim on vintage looms, all bearing a hand-painted seagull on the rear pocket. The rear pocket logo, often appearing in different colors and sizes, helped Evisu stand out in a sea of other selvedge denim brands in Japan. Evisu’s baggy cuts resonated with hip-hop’s biggest stars in the mid-2000s like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, helping the brand establish a big presence in the United States. While Evisu’s spotlight has dimmed over the years, the brand has recently experienced an uptick in popularity due to nostalgia and its collaboration with Palace.

What does Evisu mean?
Evisu is a reference to Ebisu, the Japanese folk god of money.

Where is Evisu made?
Evisu products are made in Japan.

Is Evisu made in China?
No, Evisu is made in Japan.

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