Eddie Bauer


Eddie Bauer was an outdoorsman who grew up in the Pacific Northwest in the early-1900s. After years of experience living off the land, he opened his own sporting goods store in Seattle in 1919. Bauer made a name for himself and his shop by competing in state marksman competitions while wearing patches bearing his name. This helped the Eddie Bauer store grow in size and customer base. After nearly freezing to death on a hike gone awry, Bauer developed the Skyliner jacket, which he claimed was the first visibly quilted down insulated outdoor apparel garment in the United States. Bauer remained the only seller of quilted down jackets until the ‘60s, making his name synonymous with the jackets. While Bauer himself died in 1986, the company lives on, providing shirts, sweaters and jackets for those who love the outdoors, just like it has for over 100 years.

Who is Eddie Bauer owned by?
Eddie Bauer is owned by PSEB.

Is Eddie Bauer made in the USA?
Some Eddie Bauer products are made on an island that’s part of the American commonwealth.

Are Eddie Bauer and LL Bean the same?
No, Eddie Bauer and L.L. Bean are two completely separate companies.

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