Ed Hardy


The story of the brand Ed Hardy starts with the man himself, Donald Edward Hardy of Newport Beach, California. An artist from childhood, Hardy went to Japan in the ’70s to study tattooing. He came back to California and opened his own shop in 1977. Hardy’s impact on the world of tattooing was massive as he helped transform the way tattoos were seen by the general public. What was previously seen as something only gangsters and prisoners did was now being seen as a form of art, partially thanks to Hardy. Hardy eventually began selling shirts with his artwork in his shop. In 2003, Hardy was approached by two men who ran Ku USA who would eventually put the artists’ work on clothing. Eventually, French designer Christian Audigier saw the shirts and approached Hardy to do a licensing deal. Hardy signed over the license to the bulk of his artwork, allowing Audigier to create products with this art on them. The brand blew up and became one of the biggest, most notable trends of the ’00s. The T-shirts and hats were inescapable for several years. While the brand is nowhere near as popular anymore, Ed Hardy certainly marked a moment in time for fashion.

Is Ed Hardy still in business?
Ed Hardy is still active.

When was Ed Hardy clothing popular?
Ed Hardy clothing was popular in the late-2000s.

Where is Ed Hardy from?
Ed Hardy is from Newport Beach, California.

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