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Drew House


With every big artist either having a collaboration or full apparel line these days, it was only a matter of time before Justin Bieber, one of the 2010’s biggest pop stars, got in on the action. Launched in 2018 alongside designer Gianpiero D’Alessandro and stylist Ryan Good, Drew House (also known as House of Drew) and it’s mascot, a teddy bear named Theodore, represent finding security in rebirth.

The logo resonated with Bieber as well, as he was shedding the teen star image and emerging as a new version of himself, but it wasn’t his first introduction to D’Alessandro’s work. The designer drew a caricature of Bieber with his family and put it on Instagram which caught Bieber’s attention. From there, Bieber and Good reached out and after D’Alessandro showed them over 70 illustrations inspired by his childhood, the three realized they had something.

Unlike most celebrity clothing lines and collaborations with major retailers, Drew House keeps things simple by focusing on making what its founders want to wear, offering it on its website and repeating the cycle. As paparazzi photos of Bieber in Drew House gear circulated the internet, Drew House was a success from day one. The brand’s first product, $5 hotel slippers, sold out immediately and began to resell for over $300. While the retail price for Drew House’s items are not unusually high, Bieber’s ravenous fan base nearly depletes the website with every drop and the resale prices can range from a slight uptick to five times retail. Since then the brand has gone on to make a wide range of items including faux fur coats, corduroy shorts, and velour long sleeve v-neck tees. The primary focus of Drew House is on tees and hoodies, but has recently expanded to include pants , socks and even skate decks. While the brand is very young, it already has a few items which are highly coveted by fans. The Mascot Hoodie, the Secret Hoodie and the Mock Neck Sweatshirt are some of the most sought after pieces from the brand and are all sold out on the Drew House webstore. Though the brands roots are uncharacteristic of most streetwear brands, the hype has proven to be true thus far, as Drew House becomes an increasingly interesting brand to keep an eye on.

Does Justin Bieber own Drew House?

Yes, Justin Bieber owns Drew House.

What is the Drew House?

Drew House is Justin Bieber’s clothing label, which began releasing products in 2018.

Why is it called Drew House?

Drew is Justin Bieber’s middle name.

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