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Dr. Martens Men's Bombers

Dr. Martens (formerly known as Griggs) was founded by the Griggs family in Northamptonshire, England in 1901. Almost immediately, the brand established itself as the premiere work boots brand in Great Britain. When a World War II soldier by the name of Dr. Klaus Maertens returned home with a broken foot, he created an air-cushioned sole for his boots. Eventually Maertens made a prototype of the sole and began shopping it around, catching the attention of the Griggs family. The Griggs and Maerten then collaborated on what would become the Dr. Martens 1460 in 1960 and the boot has been the flagship item of the brand ever since. Dr. Martens followed this with the 1461 Oxford shoe, essentially a low version of the 1460 boot, in 1961. While the brand has released many different models since, these two remain the most popular shoes in the brand’s catalog and are seen as modern classics. Dr. Martens has recently collaborated with A-Cold-Wall, Raf Simons and Supreme on versions of these models.

When was Dr. Martens founded?
Dr. Martens was founded in 1901.

Why do Dr. Martens hurt?
Shoes with leather insoles need to be broken in for comfort.

Can I wear Dr. Martens in the rain?
Yes, you can wear Dr. Martens in the rain.

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