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After Supreme exploded into closets around the world in the 2010s, many streetwear enthusiasts began searching for other skate brands making interesting garments with a unique sense of humor. This explosion of interest in skate brands benefitted many brands, including Montreal’s Dime. Originally started as a skate team of three in 2005, Dime has since grown into a full-on brand with both basic streetwear and genuine ready-to-wear. After Dime collaborated with Vans in 2015, the brand gained a lot of popularity in the States. These days, Dime’s T-shirts and hoodies have achieved the coveted “If you know, you know” status among fans and fashion insiders.

When did Dime start?
Dime started in 2005.

What kind of brand is Dime?
Dime is a skatewear brand.

Where is Dime from?
Dime is from Montreal, Canada.

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