Dickies was founded in 1922 by E.E. Dickie, C. Don Williamson and C.N. Williamson in Bryan, Texas. Dickies originally started out by producing overalls known as “bibs” at the time. Since then, the company has expanded to include all kinds of blue collar gear, most notably pants. While Dickies has always been part of the wardrobe of laborers and workmen (particularly in the American south and west), the brand found another consumer base in skateboarders, thanks to the durability of its products. As always, skateboarders influenced fashion heads and the Dickies classic 874 pant has found its way to the closets of many people who’ve never done anything that would require workwear. Nearly 100 years since its creation, Dickies is still on the rise.

What Dickies pants do skaters wear?
The pants made trendy by skateboarders in recent years are the Dickies 874.

Are Dickies 874 baggy?
The Dickies 874 features a straight leg with a slight taper below the knee.

Is Dickies made in China?
Dickies are manufactured in multiple countries including China.

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