Diamond Supply Co


Diamond Supply Co. was founded by Nicholas Tershay in San Francisco, California in 1998. The brand originally started as a skateboard hardware line but expanded into clothing when Tershay moved to Los Angeles in 2000. Diamond Supply Co. was quickly embraced by both the streetwear and skate communities, which greatly benefitted the brands popularity. Like many streetwear and skate brands, Diamond Supply Co. made its name selling T-shirts, hoodies and hats. Perhaps its most famous contribution to the culture came in 2005 when Diamond Supply Co. collaborated with Nike on the “Tiffany” SB Dunk, one of the most coveted and popular Nike SB releases of all time.

Who is the owner of Diamond Supply Co.?
Founder Nicholas Tershay is the owner of Diamond Supply Co.

Is Diamond Supply Co. a skate company?
Yes, Diamond Supply Co. is a skate company.

Where is Diamond Supply Co. from?
Diamond Supply Co. was founded in San Francisco but is based in Los Angeles, California.

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