Founded in 1969 by Jacky Taranto in Australia, Coogi has always been known for its colorful knitwear. The brand was initially pushed toward American and European tourists, but 25 years after it was founded, Coogi was being sought out by fashionable people the world over. Coogi has been infamous since The Notorious B.I.G. proclaimed his love for the brand, first on his classic song “One More Chance” and again on party playlist mainstays “Hypnotized” and “Big Poppa”. While the brand has expanded into offering other products, the sweaters remain Coogi’s most notable contribution to fashion.

Who owns Coogi?
In 2017, Daymond John acquired Coogi.

Who created Coogi?
Coogi was founded by Jacky Taranto.

Does FUBU own Coogi?
Not necessarily but both brands are owned by the same person: Daymond John.

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